CyberArk Privileged Access Manager Self-Hosted V14.0 - 40+ Customer Enhancement Requests

January 30, 2024 Ryne Laster

Dynamic Privileged Access

Version 14.0 of CyberArk Privileged Access Manager (PAM) Self-Hosted focuses on delivering customer Enhancement Requests (ERs), along with long-awaited features from strategic investments and comprehensive infrastructural improvements. In total, this version addresses over 40 ERs and advances our customer experience. New features discussed here are informed by direct feedback from our valued customer community. CyberArk will continue this focus in future releases.

Strengthening Risk Reduction Capabilities

CyberArk PAM V14.0 includes many ERs to help you defend against compromised identities and credentials:

  • Utilize SAML authentication in Privileged Session Manager (PSM) for Windows, allowing customers to leverage their native tools and integrate their preferred Identity Provider (IDP). This is in addition to existing support for RADIUS, improving the security of native privileged sessions within customer environments.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA) now integrates with PSM for SSH to automatically terminate sessions based on predefined rules and the detection of risky sessions and commands, enabling real-time risk mitigation.
  • Version 14.0 accommodates organizations moving from IPv4 to IPv6, allowing communication with external entities such as end user workstations, servers and enterprise integrations like Active Directory. Ensuring compatibility during the transition, internal communication with CyberArk components currently remains on IPv4 addresses. 

Satisfy IT Audit and Compliance

This version enriches the CyberArk Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) interface for reporting, and brings additional reporting enhancements, streamlining the reporting process. All reports that were previously exclusive to the PrivateArk client are now available in the PVWA interface. 

Expanded Usability and Simplification

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the user experience and user interface to broaden functionality. Version 14.0 introduces an all-new PVWA mobile experience that follows the same interface you are accustomed to, for a seamless transition on mobile devices. The interface includes all the functionality from the classic UI (now retired) and supports all the preferred authentication methods, account management details and user management features. Be sure and read the full release notes for all usability improvements in this release.

Improved PAM Automation and Deployment Capabilities

In the effort to substantially reduce the system downtime during the Vault upgrade process, V14.0 enables the migration of large database tables to occur in the background after the upgrade process has completed. This enhancement offers a faster, yet secure and more flexible option designed to best suit organizational needs.

CyberArk remains committed to building features based on customer feedback for our CyberArk PAM solutions to help deliver measurable risk reduction, secure digital transformation projects and enable operational efficiencies for CyberArk customers.

Find more on the latest CyberArk Privileged Access Manager (PAM) Self-Hosted release and a full list of features at CyberArk Docs. CyberArk recommends customers continue submitting feature enhancement requests here to shape our future releases.

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