Dynamic Privileged Access – Sydney Data Center, Improved RDP and SSH Connections

December 4, 2023 Lilach Faerman Koren

CyberArk Dynamic Privileged Access

As enterprises adopt zero standing privileges (ZSP) to enhance their identity security strategies and Privileged Access Management (PAM) programs, CyberArk Dynamic Privileged Access (DPA) continues its evolution. 

In this latest release, support for a new data center in Sydney has been added, along with enhanced capabilities for just-in-time (JIT) RDP and SSH connections.

New Sydney Data Center

CyberArk DPA is now accessible from a newly established data center in Sydney, Australia, catering to market demands in the region. This data center joins our existing data centers in Mumbai (India), Montreal (Canada), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), and Virginia (USA).

RDP Connections – New Features

Additional Granularity of Strong Account Policies 

Customers can now create and assign a target set when configuring a strong account. A target set comprises the domain, target (FQDN), or suffix, including one, any two, or all three of these elements. This enhancement provides improved functionality and granularity. Previously, customers could only assign a strong account to a domain. 

Learn more about adding a property to a target set.
Learn more about the use of target sets and connections in DPA.

Simplified Support for TLS Certificates

CyberArk recommends uploading TLS certificates to secure connections to Windows machines. With this release, the process has been streamlined, and customers now only need to upload each certificate once without assigning it to a specific domain. Once uploaded, the certificate is available for use with appropriately configured targets. 

Learn more about adding TLS certificates.

SSH Connections - Enhancements

Improved Audit Data from SSH Sessions on Linux Targets

Customers can now log the commands used in SSH sessions on Linux targets. This feature provides customers with a more comprehensive view of data for audit and forensics analysis purposes. Logs are collected in the CyberArk Identity Security Platform’s audit service for centralized review. 

Lean more about SSH session audit.

For more updates and information, check out the What's New page in CyberArk Documentation.

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