Don't Just Manage Passwords, Secure Them With Enterprise-Grade Protection

April 3, 2023


There’s a problem with password managers and it centers on the urgent need to do more than simply manage employees’ credentials.

In today’s threat landscape, 921 password attacks occur per second1.  Why? Because attackers know any user can become privileged based on the resources they can access. More than half (52%) of organizations’ employees have access to sensitive corporate data2

To reduce password usage, many organizations turn to business versions of consumer password manager tools — which often lack the controls and visibility IT and security teams need. 
We need to protect employees’ passwords with controls traditionally reserved for privileged users. At the same time, workforce users need a streamlined UX to meet their organization’s goals. Read this piece to learn about four ways to achieve enterprise-grade password protection:

1. Password storage and retrieval
2. Password sharing and transferring
3. Frictionless and secure user experience
4. Visibility for audits and reporting

Learn more:

  • You can learn how CyberArk Workforce Password Management can give IT and security teams visibility and control while keeping your employees safe and productive. The solution is designed to enable enterprises to securely store, share and manage password-based credentials — while enforcing robust controls over business application access.
  • You can also request a meeting with a CyberArk team member to discuss your organization’s password protection needs.

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 2, Microsoft, Digital Defence Report, 2022

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