Six Ways to Place Secure Access at the Heart of Your Key Initiatives

August 8, 2023

As enterprises focus on cloud and digital initiatives to innovate, grow and compete, attackers are targeting the identities of users who contribute to these initiatives. The attack surface is widening, as identities are expected to grow by 240% in the current year1,  making breaches an imminent reality. 

In this brief, you’ll learn how an integrated identity security strategy centered on intelligent privilege controls can help organization to prevent attacks and breaches.

We provide a six-step framework on securing access for all your identities (employees and external contributors) providing insights on strengthening your security posture without compromising on productivity and user experience:

  • Balance protection and productivity with context-aware authentication.
  • Prevent credential theft with enterprise-grade password protection.
  • Secure and gain visibility into users’ high-risk web sessions.
  • Automate identity management to reduce risk.
  • Ensure secure and seamless access for external contributors, such as vendors and partners.

Read the brief to learn more. 

1CyberArk, “2023 Identity Security Threat Landscape Report,” June 2023

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