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5 Privileged Access Management (PAM) Use Cases Explained

July 22, 2020

Privileged Access is everywhere. Privileged accounts can be found in every networked device, database, application, and server on-premises and in the cloud. Privileged users have the “keys to the kingdom” and, in the case of a cyberattack or data breach, privileged credentials can be used to cause catastrophic damage to a business.During this session we will demonstrate based on 5 use cases how CyberArk can help you to secure your privileged accounts.

The 5 Uses Cases we cover:

  • How a PAM solution can help you manage all the privileged account within your environment?
  • How to use unique identifiable accounts without creating personal accounts for all administrators.
  • How a secure proxy helps you to mitigate a pass-the-hash attack.
  • How a PAM solution can provide audit logs and session recordings (without the need to install an agent)
  • How to analyze high-risk Privileged activities in your network
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