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Achieve Zero Trust with Idaptive

August 4, 2020

Companies spent more than $120 billion on cybersecurity in 2018 to prevent cyber-attacks. However, only 10% of that amount was invested to protect from the most common vector of attack — compromised credentials. Research shows that 81% of data breaches occur as a result of compromised credentials. The solution: Identity and access management.

While there's a lot of diversity in the Identity and Access Management space regarding technology and product offerings, there's one issue that experts are starting to agree on – the future of identity lies with a Zero Trust approach to security, and needs to be backed by automation and machine learning to preempt security vulnerabilities. Vendors, consultants, and IT professionals are all singing the praises of Zero Trust, and what was once a buzzword is slowly moving from hype to reality.

But what does that all mean for you? Join us for this webinar, where Idaptive VP of Strategy, Corey Williams, discusses:

  • Why it's so important for individuals, companies, and other entities to adopt a Zero Trust security approach.
  • The pillars of Zero Trust, to ensure that every user is verified, all devices are validated, and access is intelligently limited to just what a user needs.
  • Cutting-edge technologies that are making Zero Trust possible – from machine learning to advanced cloud-based analytics.
  • A maturity model for adopting a Zero Trust approach and improving the security posture of your organization while reducing friction for your end-users.
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