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CyberArk Identity Secure Web Sessions - Security and Visibility Down to Every Click

November 4, 2021

Today’s enterprises are powered by hundreds of web applications. Many contain sensitive data like financial records, customer information and intellectual property. But most security and compliance organizations have limited visibility and control over how employees are actually using web apps and handling confidential data.

Once an end-user is authenticated and logs in to an application, their actions are only restricted by their roles within the app. And most web apps and SaaS solutions provide only basic audit trails that give security and compliance professionals limited visibility into end-user activity.

Join us on on-demand to learn about our new offering – CyberArk Identity Secure Web Sessions. With Secure Web Sessions, you can gain visibility into every action your users take within web applications, ensure sessions are not left unattended, and prevent user from downloading or copying of sensitive data.

After viewing this webinar, you will:

  • Understand specific use cases addressed by Secure Web Sessions
  • Learn important details about this offering’s security, scale, performance, and management aspects
  • See product functionality in-action
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