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Enhancing Secrets Management in Ansible with CyberArk Application Identity Manager

May 24, 2019

Compromising the credentials used by CI/CD tools can result in a vulnerable CI/CD pipeline and negatively impact the integrity of resulting products. Red Hat Ansible Engine can protect local credentials through tools such as ansible-vault and the ssh toolchain. Red Hat Ansible Tower takes that further through centralized management of various credentials and allows end users to leverage a secret in automating without ever exposing that secret to them. But Ansible may be one of several tools used in a typical CI/CD pipeline. How do you manage credentials and other secrets that are shared across your CI/CD tools and other systems without significant effort and the potential disruption to production? Enter CyberArk Application Access Manager (incorporates functionality previolsuly in Application Identity Manager).

In this webinar, attendees will learn about using CyberArk as a centralized secret management store and how it can be integrated to further enhance Ansible Engine and Ansible Tower workflows. We’ll also briefly touch on some of the other Ansible and CyberArk integrations, including CyberArk Conjur Open Source for DevOps environments and CyberArk Discovery and Audit (DNA) for discovery of credentials in Ansible Playbooks, Roles and Tasks.

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