Isolate privileged user sessions to protect critical systems

Privileged users have direct access to critical systems for legitimate business purposes. But what happens if those users become compromised? Privileged users – both on the inside and at remote vendors – are constantly targeted by determined attackers, and it only takes one successful phishing email to grant attackers direct access to critical systems. An infected laptop could easily spread malware to critical IT infrastructure, and keylogging software could be used to capture privileged account credentials, thus giving attackers the keys to the kingdom. In addition, malicious insiders with direct knowledge of privileged credentials can use those credentials to gain direct, uncontrolled access to critical systems to carry out an attack. In this threat landscape, organizations need a way to enable the administrative access needed for business purposes without putting critical systems at increased risk of compromise.

CyberArk solutions enable organizations isolate privileged user sessions and enforce strong access controls to protect critical systems from malicious users and devices. By physically separating user endpoints from critical target systems via a secure, hardened jump server, organizations can ensure that malware on an infected user device is unable to reach critical systems. The secure jump server also establish a single point of access control, from which organizations can grant privileged access without ever exposing privileged credentials to users or their machines. As a result, CyberArk solutions are able to prevent malicious users from hijacking privileged credentials, bypassing the secure jump server and gaining direct access to critical systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevent malware on infected endpoints from spreading to critical systems
  • Prevent attackers from stealing privileged credentials even if keylogging malware is installed on user endpoints
  • Establish a single point of control that users must access before authenticating to privileged accounts on critical systems
  • Prevent users from bypassing controls and gaining direct access to critical systems
  • Enable session controls, including the ability to terminate suspicious sessions, from a centralized privileged access control point
  • Support the vast majority of critical systems within the enterprise to ensure the broadest protection of critical systems


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