Privacy and data protection

CyberArk is committed to protecting your data from unauthorized access and supporting your organization in maintaining data privacy compliance.

Our Approach to Privacy and Data Protection

At CyberArk, we are specifically committed to respecting your and your personnel’s privacy. Learn more about our privacy and data protection commitments below.

Privacy Notice

We are committed to providing transparency so you know how we use personal data in our business processes. Our Privacy Notice tells you what information we collect from you, what we do with it and how we protect it.

Privacy and Data Protection FAQs

We are committed to providing clarity about how we process the personal data of our customer’s end users on their behalf – as set out in our Privacy and Data Protection Customer FAQs.

GDPR and Other Applicable Privacy Legislation

We are committed to complying with GDPR, CCPA, CPRA and other applicable privacy and data protection laws around the world. This includes maintaining a global privacy compliance program and training our employees on how to handle our customers’ and partners’ data.

Data Processing Addendum

We are committed to giving you control of your data. We will only process customer personal data on your instructions, in accordance with our Data Processing Addendum.


We are committed to letting customers know who we share their data with, and only sharing it with our Sub-Processors – the third parties who help us provide services.

Our standard legal agreements that apply to our products and services can be found on our Contract Terms page.