Introducing the CyberTalk with CyberArk Podcast Series: On-the-Go Cybersecurity Insights

August 24, 2023 CyberArk Blog Team

Introducing the CyberTalk with CyberArk Podcast Series: On-the-Go Cybersecurity Insights

Ninety-one percent of cybersecurity practitioners agree they must keep up with their skills, or the organizations they work for are at a significant disadvantage against today’s cyber adversaries, according to a new Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) survey. Yet, digging into the latest headlines and continuously learning and training is tough when your days are full and your job description seems to expand daily.

You need timely, digestible insights — in-between meetings, on the road or during your morning run. Our new 12-part podcast series, CyberTalk with CyberArkhosted by Cybercrime Magazine, delivers just that.

The first two episodes are available now. New tracks featuring CyberArk researchers and thought leaders drop every other Tuesday — so subscribe today!

Why and How Organizations Need to Implement Identity Security

Imagine your organization is under attack, and the clock is ticking. But since your adversary has privileged access to every endpoint and system and can impersonate any identity within your environment, you don’t even know you’re being targeted. Can you protect your most critical assets?

In the inaugural episode of CyberTalk, CyberArk Founder, Chairman and CEO Udi Mokady joins host Hillarie McClure to explore the evolving threat landscape and new identity battleground. He breaks down what Identity Security means, why it matters and what clear steps organizations can take to mitigate risk and build cyber resilience.

By embracing a Zero Trust mindset and assuming that any identity — human or machine — in your network may have been compromised, you can turn your attention to identifying, isolating and stopping attacks before they can do harm. Tune in to the full episode to learn more.

Identity Access Management and the Ransomware Connection

Part of having the “coolest job at CyberArk” involves teaching security practitioners how to apply cutting-edge research to their own cybersecurity programs, so they can think like attackers and stay one step ahead.

In this episode, CyberArk Technical Evangelist Andy Thompson deconstructs recent major ransomware attacks and identifies the common denominator across them all: the compromise of identity and subsequent manipulation of privileged credentials. He uncovers findings from CyberArk Labs’ extensive analysis of more than 3 million ransomware samples and outlines proven mitigation techniques to help stop ransomware in its tracks. Catch the full podcast here.

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In the next CyberTalk with CyberArk podcast available August 10, get trending threat research insights from Lavi Lazarovitz, head of CyberArk Labs. Then, it’s back to school with Matt Kenslea on August 24. He’ll discuss top-of-mind Identity Security considerations for educational institutions, along with state and local government entities.

Find and follow the Cybercrime Magazine podcast for on-demand episodes on SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts.

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