CyberArk Privilege Cloud Reduces Risk with PAM SaaS

August 1, 2019 Lex Register


Creating and executing a successful privileged access management program can seem like a daunting task. Privileged access is pervasive throughout the enterprise and can be difficult to manage without the right tools. Still, protecting privileged access and monitoring its usage is paramount for organizations as they work to secure an evolving digital business.

So, what do you do if you’re an organization that is already stretched for cybersecurity talent and you have a growing list of high priority security projects on your plate with tackling privileged access at or near the top of your list?

Organizations that have not started their privileged access management (PAM) journey should look to the leader in privileged access management, CyberArk, to quickly reduce the risk that unmanaged privileged access presents to every company. The CyberArk Privilege Cloud is delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS) to simplify customer’s management efforts, removing the need to worry about upgrades or deploying infrastructure. The CyberArk Privilege Cloud also works to shorten the time security teams need to significantly reduce the privileged access risk to the organization. Also, CyberArk is the first SaaS Privileged Access vendor to offer a solution that includes 150+ integrations out of the box to help quickly secure more workloads across the enterprise. Check out the CyberArk Marketplace to find pre-built technical integrations that can help you automatically rotate credentials and manage sessions across a variety of platforms!

CyberArk Privilege Cloud can help organizations with the following use cases:

1. Continuously Discover and Manage Privileged Credentials

Cyberark Privilege Cloud provides a fast and easy way for organizations to begin protecting privileged access. You can quickly onboard and automatically rotate the credentials that your administrators use to access sensitive critical systems across your enterprise to help ensure that access misuse does not negatively impact your business. As new technologies and employees are brought into the organization, you can confidently manage privileged access with a PAM SaaS solution that enables security teams to spend more time on securing privileged access and less time managing the back-end.

2. Isolate Privileged Sessions and Protect Credentials

CyberArk Privilege Cloud can automatically protect connections to a target and make sure the credential is not compromised by initiating a secure proxy that fully isolates each session without ever needing to expose the credential to admins. This improves the security posture of your organization by removing the need to display passwords and, with the integrations of technologies like RDP, SSH and others, CyberArk Privilege Cloud can provide a near seamless experience for administrators.

3. Record and Audit Privileged Sessions to Address Compliance Requirements

Almost every organization must adhere to at least one compliance regulation and many must adhere to several. Anyone who has been through an audit knows just how arduous that can be. With CyberArk Privilege Cloud, you get a full audit trail of privileged access usage. CyberArk organizes and present the audit trail data in a way that helps you to quickly prove that you were taking the appropriate steps to secure your company. The audit capabilities can also be critical when tracing the roots of a breach or when you want to see how privilege is being used in your firm.

Over its long tenure in the cybersecurity industry, CyberArk has witnessed many technologies and companies sold, bought and merged, but CyberArk and the CyberArk Core Privilege Access Security Solution have lasted. It is widely considered the leading solution to protect privileged access because it consistently delivers value back to the organization.

CyberArk offers privileged access management solutions and services that enable our customers to build strong privileged access management programs facilitated by our leading SaaS solution. Therefore, CyberArk has introduced Blueprint, the CyberArk Privileged Cloud Success Plan. The Success Plan is a service package that Privilege Cloud customers can select and is designed to help companies get the most from their investment in CyberArk Privilege Cloud and accelerate the adoption of CyberArk for sensitive workloads across the enterprise.  A Privileged Access Management expert from CyberArk or a Certified Partner will help build an effective program that defines the repeatable processes to leverage for expanding privileged access management throughout the organization.

CyberArk remains singularly focused on improving the security posture of your organization without adding to your laundry list of daily security tasks. To learn more, please fill out the form here to request a demo and talk to a CyberArk SaaS expert.


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