More than just privileged identity management: Introducing CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics™

November 19, 2013 CyberArk


The solution to the question – What can you do after your perimeter has been breached?

Security experts spend a lot of time, money and energy focused on keeping the bad guys out of the network with “perimeter-based” solutions. But, what happens after the attacker has broken into your network and targets your privileged accounts?

At CyberArk, this is a question we have grappled with while simultaneously introducing new and innovative solutions to mitigate these advanced threats. With the launch of our latest offering, however, we think we have truly unveiled a solution to help businesses stop these external and internal cyber attacks before they stop business.

Allow me to introduce you to CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics™, an innovative solution to detect and disrupt in progress attacks inside your network. This new solution was developed with the understanding that both insider and external advanced attacks try to exploit privileged accounts.  Every time.  The infrastructure you have to defend can be huge and complex. It’s impossible to understand exactly what is happening across the entire network.  With that in mind, Privileged Threat Analytics focuses on analyzing “the right data, not all the data”.  Since you know where the attackers are heading — privileged accounts —  be waiting for them.

By profiling and establishing a baseline of typical, accepted privileged user behavior, CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics is able to quickly identify unusual behavior, alert on it and provide the fine-grained forensics information to empower security incident responders to disrupt the attack. The system is unique in that it relies on an adaptive profile of normal user behavior, so it is constantly monitoring individual user or entity behavior, adjusting for changes in acceptable behavior and identifying any changes from what is expected.  This is better than other monitoring solutions which rely on establishing static rules don’t adjust to changing usage patterns or threat environments on their own.

This new solution offers analytics that are laser-focused on the most critical and targeted attack vector – privileged accounts — enabling IT and security teams to be more effective in identifying in-progress attacks, leading to better, more effective remediation. Take a look at how it works.

CyberArk’s extensive knowledge and experience in privileged account security has provided us with unique insights into the needs of organizations as they combat insider and advanced threats, and meet compliance requirements.  These insights have allowed us to once again to extend our leadership with first-in-kind innovation in privileged account security.

CyberArk is pleased, and a more than a little proud to launch Privileged Threat Analytics.  We are excited to arm our current and future customers with the proactive controls, monitoring and targeted analytic tools they need to protect their organizations.

CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics will be generally available in December 2013.


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