Take Advantage of 10 Technical Community Perks for Identity Security Success

July 7, 2022 CyberArk Blog Team

10 Technical Community Perks for Identity Security Success

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” – Idowu Koyenikan

Whether you’re facing a big cybersecurity challenge, evolving a program or simply looking for fast help with a question, there’s nothing more valuable than insights from those who have been in your shoes. That’s why each month, nearly 11,000 CyberArk users visit the CyberArk Technical Community — a one-stop shop for all CyberArk resources and Identity Security-related information sharing and collaboration.

Ahead of CyberArk Impact 2022, we’re highlighting 10 new and enhanced capabilities now available to Community members. If you haven’t already joined, online registration is quick and easy for all current CyberArk customers and partners.

1. Enjoy an enhanced user experience. Our reimagined portal offers a simplified, more powerful experience. Take advantage of the comprehensive search functionality to find anything you need in one click — and view the intuitive dashboard for telemetry data on your environment, such as number of tenants or active users.

2. Browse the expanded knowledge base. Access more than 4,000 articles on a wide variety of topics, security bulletins and how-to videos for common installation and configuration processes. And with at-a-glance access to information, you can ease troubleshooting and fast-track upgrade processes to keep things running smoothly.

3. Get product details at your fingertips. Explore CyberArk Docs, our complete and ever-expanding product documentation library. Inspired by the open-source community, it is completely free and fully accessible to everyone online — no registration required.

4. Join groups based on your specific interests. Join groups based on your specific Identity Security areas of interest and experience, and get notified on the latest news and updates so you’ll never miss a thing.

5. Engage in a friendly competition and showcase your expertise. Ask questions and share responses about product configurations, installations and cybersecurity best practices. By participating, you can earn points and compete for top positions on the leaderboard to showcase your expertise. With more than 14,000 active discussions, there’s something for everyone.

6. Get answers fast. Our expert bench of contributors — which comprises customers, certified partners and CyberArk employees — actively monitors community discussions and provides ready-to-share helpful tips and technical guidance. 

7. Follow and vote to help shape future content. By following a discussion or joining a group, you automatically “vote” on that topic, helping us better track and expand content based on community member interest. 

8. Submit your requests. Submit and track service requests for customized extension developments or solution upgrades and migrations. Open, edit and follow support cases in one centralized location across the community. You can even share enhancement requests and vote for your favorites. And new CyberArk customers can request encryption keys digitally to streamline onboarding.

9. Tap into world-class training and certification offerings. Access a full range of CyberArk University training and certification options to build the technical skills needed to implement and administer CyberArk Identity Security solutions, set teams up for success, and help your organization get the most out of its CyberArk investments.

10. Directly access the CyberArk Marketplace. Search and download your licensed CyberArk solutions and validated integrations with other security and digital transformation solutions that provide defense in depth and facilitate the shift toward a zero trust model.

Technical Community Feedback

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.”  –  Oliver Wendell Holmes

As you progress along your Identity Security journey, make sure you’re taking full advantage of the resources, expertise and collaborative insights available within the CyberArk Technical Community. Customers and partners can register or stop by today to check out our latest enhancements and take a quick video tour. While you’re exploring, head over to the Welcome Center group to introduce yourself, and let us know what you think by contacting [email protected]. Your ideas continue to power our community and shape our enhancements, and we welcome them all.



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