From Zero to Immediate Impact with Foundational Endpoint Security

November 8, 2022

In the era of a highly mobile workforce, endpoints offer access to corporate resources from virtually anywhere in the world. While this helps offer flexibility to hybrid and remote workers, it also has made an attacker’s job that much easier.

A threat making it through the defenses effectively gives the attacker the ability to act on behalf of the account they compromise, privileges included. Attackers then can further elevate their privileges, compromise more accounts and tamper with the endpoint security agents to reconfigure or disable them whatsoever.

That is a very likely scenario when foundational security controls, such as Endpoint Privilege Security, are ignored. Organizations are left vulnerable to user impersonation, cyber espionage, ransomware attacks, often accompanied by a data leak, or complete network takeover.

Watch this webinar to understand what we mean by foundational endpoint security controls and learn how

-To go from zero on the scale of foundational controls to immediate risk reduction on day one
-To achieve a full least privilege program where only the applications that are approved for a specific role have permission to run and perform privileged action
-Endpoint Privilege Security plays a role in a defense-in-depth approach to endpoint security
-CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager enhances security and enables the digital business

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