Idaptive Release 20.4

September 24, 2020 Stas Neyman

Release 20.4, scheduled for September 25, 2020, adds support for Azure AD as a directory source, enhanced provisioning for UltiPro, and a major UI update.

With release 20.4, CyberArk Idaptive supports the following new features:

User Experience

With this release, you will now see an updated User Interface (UI) that is designed to maximize user productivity, enable intuitive platform administration, and ensure that user experience is consistent across all CyberArk products.

The following UI updates will be made to the Admin and User Portals in addition to new fonts, colors, and icons.

Admin Portal

  • Portal Switcher: you will be able to easily navigate between Admin, User, and Analytics Portals in the Idaptive platform. The switcher will now be featured prominently at the top of the navigation menu and, in the future, will serve as a one-click gateway to other CyberArk product consoles and services.
  • Online Help: the new online help button is now available as part of the navigation menu to make it easier for you to find documentation relevant to the configurations and settings displayed on the screen.

User Portal

  • Navigation Menu:  located on the left-hand side of the User Portal, the new portal navigation menu now matches the style and function of the Admin Portal navigation. The new navigation retains the functionality familiar to end-users and admins while providing a more consistent experience across portals.

To learn more about these UI updates, please read our blog.

Single Sign-On

Support for Azure Active Directory

You can now add your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as a directory source in the Admin Portal. Azure AD users will be reflected in the Idaptive platform as managed domain users, enabling you to assign them to roles and grant application access permissions. With this integration, Azure[RP1]  AD users can log in to the Idaptive User Portal with their Azure AD credentials and launch assigned applications.

In addition, you can use Idaptive MFA to validate the identities of users authenticating to Azure AD. This enables you to use a wide range of authentication factors without subscribing to a higher Azure AD tier.

Currently, Idaptive only supports managed domains for a single instance of Azure AD. To learn more about Azure AD integration, please see here.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Discover users risk level information directly in the Admin Portal

You can now view risk level information for your users directly in the User section of the Idaptive Admin Portal interface. The risk level calculation leverages machine learning to autonomously analyze each user's activity to determine typical behavior for that user and then continuously compute risk scores that signal the extent of anomalous behavior displayed by that user. With this feature, you can quickly identify high-risk users in your organization and take proactive steps to investigate the root cause of unusual behavior. This feature was previously in Beta and is now available to all customers with an Adaptive MFA license.

To learn more about viewing user’s risk level here.

Lifecycle Management

Enhanced provisioning for UltiPro

You can now leverage additional attributes, such as Employee Number, Job Title, Job Description, Company Name, Date of Birth, and Preferred Name for automatic user provisioning to UltiPro. This allows you to correctly map user information between a source directory, such as Active Directory or Idaptive Directory and UltiPro. To learn more about inbound provisioning for UltiPro, please refer to Inbound Provisioning from UltiPro. for more information.

For more information on the 20.4 release, please see Idaptive release notes.

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