Introducing CyberArk Identity Compliance

September 9, 2022 Archit Lohokare

Introducing CyberArk Identity Compliance

The Challenges of Maintaining Continuous Compliance

We frequently hear from customers about the challenges of meeting a growing number of requirements related to regulatory demands. Enterprises are mandated – or opt – to align with various regulations and standards like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, or FISMA to better protect their data, employees, customers, and resources from threats. The list continues to grow as regional protections for data privacy are introduced and organizations implement security frameworks from NIST or COBIT to help reduce risk.

The common requirement within these regulatory frameworks is tighter control and oversight of user access to sensitive data or applications. At the core of many of these regulations is a mandate to only give users access to exactly what they need for their jobs – no more or less. In other words, they require organizations to adopt a least-privilege model.

Unfortunately, even some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies rely heavily on manual and error-prone processes to manage access and privileges. Therefore, IT organizations need a way to simplify and rapidly automate identity management processes while satisfying their regulatory obligations without embarking on complex and costly integration projects. They require a better way to ensure that access granted to privileged or non-privileged users is in compliance, as many current methods are costly, manual and not scalable.

Applying a Least Privilege Model to Identity Lifecycle Management

Ensuring users have the right access for the right amount of time begins with their onboarding and continues throughout the employee lifecycle. Our current CyberArk Identity Lifecycle Management solution streamlines and automates the use cases related to onboarding new users, users moving within the organization, and offboarding – providing the right set of access to privileged and non-privileged users. Along with these critical capabilities, Identity Lifecycle Management allows users to self-serve their accounts by requesting and obtaining additional access and approvals, relieving dependency on IT teams to manually perform these tasks.

While this solution has helped many customers automate access, we needed to go one step further to ensure compliance by providing a way to formally review and certify access and produce comprehensive auditing insights.

CyberArk Identity Compliance Strengthens Security and Simplifies Compliance

That next step is the introduction of CyberArk Identity Compliance, a solution that extends the concepts of Zero Trust and least privilege to ensure user access continually meets regulatory demands. CyberArk Identity Compliance provides a single view of who has access to what – and makes it easier for organizations to enforce and demonstrate compliance by continuously discovering access, streamlining access certifications and providing comprehensive identity analytics.

This new, standalone SaaS service provides controls for enforcing compliance across the CyberArk portfolio. Customers can:

  • Discover which users have access to what resources.
  • Create access certification campaigns to review access for users to both web applications or safes in CyberArk PAM Self-Hosted and Privilege Cloud.
  • Run comprehensive analytics and reports so that admins, managers and other decision-makers consider context and risk when approving or revoking user access.
  • Audit access and quickly find the data needed to ensure compliance.

Leveraging these new capabilities helps enterprises to keep pace with the complex and continuously multiplying industry and government regulations and satisfy reporting and audit demands.

Advancing Identity Security with a Holistic Approach

CyberArk Identity Compliance is a key component of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, which uses a holistic, risk-based approach to securing the ever-growing range of identities that gain access to organizations’ most sensitive resources.

Centered on intelligent privilege controls, Identity Security enables seamless and secure access for all identities and flexibly automates the identity lifecycle with continuous threat detection and prevention – all with a unified approach.

This new framework breaks down old barriers between security categories that – in legacy approaches – have often lived in siloes. With Identity Security, these components are integrated, complementing one another in a way that enables Zero Trust and enforces least privilege.

The core elements of Identity Security are:

  • Seamless and Secure Access for All Identities

Provide seamless and secure access across any device, anywhere, with secure single sign-on, authentication capabilities and related services.

  • Intelligent Privilege Controls

Infuse privilege controls to help isolate and stop attacks. Give humans and machines access to everything they need – at just the right time – while protecting critical assets.

  • Flexible Identity Automation and Orchestration

Manage the lifecycle of identities and take control of excessive permissions to enforce least privilege. To this end, CyberArk Identity Compliance helps enterprises streamline complex access governance workflows and makes it easier for organizations to discover, audit, and certify access for all identities.

  • Continuous Threat Detection and Protection

Detect identity threats on an ongoing basis and apply the appropriate Identity Security controls based on risk to enable Zero Trust.

Moving Fearlessly Forward

With the introduction of this offering, we help extend the benefits of existing CyberArk investments and rapidly deliver value. We bring peace of mind to IT organizations because user access is continually in compliance. These organizations are poised to meet not only today’s regulatory demands but also better equipped to protect themselves from threats and move fearlessly forward to face tomorrow’s challenges.

To learn more, please visit the CyberArk Identity Compliance webpage.

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