CyberArk Identity – Three Cheers for Four Nines

April 26, 2022 Archit Lohokare

CyberArk Identity and four nines of uptime

We just announced that CyberArk Identity’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been updated to provide customers with 99.99% availability. We have always made it a priority to provide excellent service to our customers and to build resilient solutions that meet the needs of the market. In the last year, we have delivered very close to four nines of uptime across our cloud, but by continuing to invest in our infrastructure — and making a number of changes to the product — we were able to officially reach this milestone and guarantee our customers better service.

      1.   Cheers to our Customers!

CyberArk supports some of the world’s largest organizations whose end users must be able to access critical resources, not only from anywhere and on any device, but anytime. Everything we do at CyberArk is driven by a customer-first mindset. That means we want to keep downtime to a minimum and make sure that our services are fully accessible.

Cloud tools are so interconnected in today’s SaaS universe, as organizations deploy more and more apps at a dizzying rate, that there can be something of a domino effect when service goes down in one place. We work toward the goal of no interruptions for our customers — because it allows them to provide the same level of service to their customers.

Additionally, the services that CyberArk Identity provides help to protect organizations and their identities — workforce, vendor, third-party and customer. Not only does this improvement impact productivity, but it also improves the security posture of our customers.

      2.   Cheers to the CyberArk Team!

I’d like to congratulate our team here at CyberArk for their hard work providing our customers with the highest level of service possible. What exactly has changed that allowed us to move from three to four nines?

Over the last year, we’ve made several changes to our product. These modifications gave us the confidence to ensure consistent high availability. Specifically, we have invested in a highly available infrastructure based on multiple AWS availability zones. There’s a delicate balance between complexity and simplicity when it comes to designing an architecture to support some of the world’s most demanding and mission-critical businesses. I’m proud of the team for their dedication to serving our customers.

      3.   Cheers to the Future of Access Management!

Finally, let’s focus on the bright future of Access Management, a critical piece of any Identity Security Platform. The explosion of cloud applications that your organization relies on to conduct business means that your success depends on each one of those pieces of the puzzle working together and providing the highest levels of service.

Fundamental transformation in the way employees, partners and customers engage with the business has changed the way we approach security. In this new world, the needs of business and security must go hand in hand.

We’ve learned that by enabling productivity, you also improve security. For example, by eliminating friction from the end user's experience with passwords by adopting SSO, you both simplify their experience and greatly improve the security of their credentials.

The future of access management is one in which security does not hold back the business but catapults business priorities and innovation forward. This latest milestone shows our dedication to not only improving security for our customers, but also making their business priorities our top priority as well. Cheers!

CyberArk Identity -- Three Cheers for Four Nines

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