The Problem With Password Managers: Workforce Credentials Need Enterprise-Grade Protection

November 30, 2022

You may have controls in place to protect the credentials of privileged users. But what about the rest of your organization? A system admin may hold the keys to your IT kingdom, but a Salesforce admin holds the keys to your customers' data.

Attackers will gladly take both forms of credentials — they’re not so into labels these days.

We’ve reached the point when workforce users’ passwords should be protected with the same security-first approach organizations apply to privileged users’ credentials. But many of the tools enterprises often use can’t enable this level of protection.

For instance, while traditional password managers might help with improved user experiences, they aren’t equipped with the controls needed to secure a large, complex workforce’s credentials from attacks. As a security decision-maker, you need to balance protection and productivity.

Read this whitepaper to learn about password-based threats, limitations of standard password managers and best practices for securing workforce passwords, focusing on five areas of protection:

  1. Intelligent multi-factor authentication
  2. Security-first password storage
  3. Safe password management and sharing
  4. Visibility for authentication and session activity
  5.  Frictionless user experience
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