Solutions Demo: CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services

January 13, 2023

Threats, hours and stress are increasing. Behind the scenes, you have a non-stop surge in identities and a variety of tools to secure them. But what you don’t have is time for inefficiencies.

  • No time to switch between different security solutions and user interfaces
  • No time to cross-reference varying sources of threat intelligence data
  • And if an audit’s in progress? No time to piece together reporting

Your team needs a user experience that lets you focus on protecting your organization. Join our experts, Lilach Faerman Koren and Adam Markert, as they discuss the challenges enterprises face and how CyberArk can help.

You’ll learn how Shared Services — offered through the CyberArk Identity Security Platform — can help your team gain operational efficiencies and measurable risk reduction, through three capabilities:

  1. Identity Security Intelligence
  2. Identity Administration
  3. Connector Management

Learn more about the CyberArk Identity Security Platform.

Request a meeting with a CyberArk team member to discuss your organization’s Identity Security needs.

About Identity Security:

Centered on intelligent privilege controls, Identity Security seamlessly secures human and machine identities accessing applications, infrastructure, and data, and flexibly automates the identity lifecycle — all with a unified approach. Identity Security enables Zero Trust by enforcing least privilege with continuous identity threat detection and protection.

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