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State of Cloud Security: How do we get to Consistent Least Privilege?

March 25, 2021

IAM is a foundational cloud security control. For years, AWS, Azure and GCP have stressed that least privilege access for all human and machine identities is a security best practice.

Yet as Cloud Providers introduce new features and companies adopt more than one Cloud Provider, proper oversight of access to critical infrastructure and workloads grows more challenging. Recent breaches have made it clear even world-class security organizations can struggle with least privilege.

So what do organizations need to know as they look to address the visibility and configuration challenges of traditional cloud IAM tools?

Join Brandon Traffanstedt and Chris Maroun, Senior Directors from CyberArk’s Global Technology Office, as they explore the state of cloud security and discuss:

  • Lessons from recent breaches involving excessive permissions
  • Identifying and mapping risky, misconfigured and unused entitlements for all cloud entities
  • Right-sizing IAM policies to defend against external and insider threats
  • When to stick with cloud native IAM and when to turn to third party tools
  • Structuring a holistic, multi-level security plan that includes implementing and maintaining least privilege
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