3 Insider Tips to Maximize Your ChefConf 2015 Experience


February 24, 2015 | DevOps | Andrew Racine


As we inch closer to March, our thoughts are starting to drift out of the snowbanks of Boston and float towards the much sunnier skies of Santa Clara where we will be attending ChefConf from March 31st to April 2nd.  For those not familiar with the event, it is put on by Chef who succinctly describes it as:

“The largest, most vibrant gathering of web-scale IT and DevOps leaders, practitioners, and innovators. Featuring three days of inspired discussions, collaborative presentations, technical training, and hands-on labs focused on automating infrastructure and the continuous delivery of applications.”

chefconf-2015As first time attendees (and sponsors) we wanted to learn how to maximize our week at the conference from a ChefConf veteran. Luckily, the folks at Chef were nice enough to put us in touch with Nathen HarveyChef Community Director, who was able to answer some of our questions.

If you are attending, or are thinking about attending, we are sure you’ll find Nathen’s answers helpful and we hope to see you there!

Q1) What will be the biggest difference between this year’s ChefConf and last year’s conference?

A1) The big difference will be the scale of the event. We’ve outgrown our previous location and we’re in the much bigger Santa Clara Convention Center. This will be the largest ChefConf in the history of Chef. We’ll have stalwarts of the Chef community, a large number of new and growing customers (Bloomberg, Workday, CenturyLink) are speaking this year, and many new customers as the Chef tent grows. Additionally, the Chef partner ecosystem is exploding as DevOps becomes more mainstream our technical partnerships like with Conjur bring customers more value out of their automation projects.

Q2) What are 1 or 2 sessions that you are most excited about this year and why?

A2) We have a really great slate of talks, but a couple of sessions I’m particularly excited about are both from first time speakers:

  • Christine Draper and John Sweitzer of Thirdwave Insights will speak in a session titled Serve meals, Not Ingredients in which they will share techniques for deployment topologies.

Q3) What advice would you give to someone attending ChefConf for the very first time this year?

A3) Come with an open mind and plan to get your hands dirty. ChefConf is not your typical technical conference. The Chef Community is welcoming and open-minded to all sorts of ideas, people, and approaches and as a first timer embrace and engage with other attendees. Networking and learning from other community members is highly encouraged!

Many thanks to Nathen for providing such great feedback.  If you are planning on attending ChefConf (seriously, why wouldn’t you at this point?) then we’d like to make sure you know that Kevin and Dustin from Conjur, along with a special guest speaker, will be presenting a half-day workshop on Building a Self-Documenting Application: A Study in Chef and Compliance.  If this is something that interests you, please stop by and say hello!

We look forward to seeing you next month at ChefConf!





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