6 Blogs Every Security Architect Should be Reading


February 18, 2016 | DevOps | joanna mastrocola


Short on time but still want to stay in the know? We get it. Finding helpful and targeted content isn’t always easy. It’s useful to have a few key resources we can count on for the latest news, productive conversations, and valuable advice. As a security architect, you want to read content that addresses your chief concerns and keeps you up to date with the current industry threats and trends.

The best way to get this information on a regular basis, without tons of reading and researching, is to subscribe to a few different blogs, as they are typically the best resource for getting the news you want in a way that is easy to digest and understand. You might be thinking, this all sounds great but how do I find these magical treasure troves of content. Great news, we can help you with that. We’ve compiled a short list of informative, security related blogs to get you started.

Here are 6 blogs every security architect should read.

1) Krebs on Security: You’ve probably already heard of Brian Krebs, but are you a blog subscriber? If not, you should be. Krebs stays up to date with the latest news in internet security, Krebs credited as one of the first to report on the Target Breach.

2) It Security Guru displays all the breaking news the InfoSec community is talking about. The best part, all of the most relevant information is in one spot, so you don t need to scour multiple news sources for the latest in cybersecurity. 

3) An independent news site ThreatPost delivers a plethora of information regarding Business and IT Security. A combination of original stories, aggregated content, and editorials threat post engages readers in discussions about what happened, and why it matters. 

4) Schneier on Security is a blog written by renown security professional Bruce Schneier. Described as a security guru, Schneier is a thought leader in all things security, government, cryptography, and privacy.  

5) Naked Security is another well known blog and there is a reason why it is so popular. It provides the latest news, opinions, solutions, and discussions on the latest threats and security issues. 

6) This isn’t necessarily a blog, but it’s worth a mention as it is super helpful and informative, plus, Reddit allows you to interact with other security and risk professionals with the similar issues and concerns. The Information Security News subreddit focuses on real, productive conversations about technical news and information security.

Of course, you should also subscribe to our blog, since we provide helpful information about security and development.

Is there a blog you love to read that isn’t listed here. Leave a link in the comments below so we can check it out!





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