7 Essential Resources To Start Your Cloud Transformation


November 6, 2015 | DevOps | Andrew Racine


Getting started with a cloud transformation project is a tall task.  The sheer amount of technical and cultural decisions that need to be made could make anyone’s head spin.  While there will never be a silver bullet solution to help you through the process, it is vitally important to crowd source other’s experiences before you set out to conquer your goal.

Start Your Cloud TransformationFor this post we asked ourselves, if we were starting a massive cloud transformation project, where would we start?  The list below is a great entry-to-intermediate level, non-exhaustive summary of some of the resources we hope you find most helpful if you find yourself in a similar situation:

SD Architect

Sanjeev Sharma is a Tech Sales specialist at IBM and author of DevOps for Dummies.  The best part of Sanjeev’s blog is his in-depth coverage of the basics, such as Understand DevOps and Adopting DevOps.  Through a mix of written content, video, and slide presentations, Sanjeev’s content will satisfy all types of learners through the lens of beginner’s eyes.

The Agile Admin

This amazing blog is written by a group of experienced Web systems administrators and developers who met while working at National Instruments.  According to their site, their shared vision is to help turn systems work into a recognized and effective discipline.  They cover a variety of topics such as cloud computing, DevOps, agile operations, infrastructure automation, and Web security.

IT Revolution Press

Gene Kim is well known for his book, The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping your business win.  Gene’s blog, IT Revolution Press, focused on the economic and human costs of cloud transformation.  As the site explains, “We aim to positively influence the lives of 1 million IT people over the next 5 years.  To make this happen, we’re uniting thought leaders in a ll the relevant domains with a common sense of purpose and passion to help us achieve our goal and improve IT for generations to come.”  

Arrested DevOps [Podcast]

If you like to digest your content by way of audio, then this podcast is a must listen.  Arrested DevOps is hosted by Matt Stratton, Trevor Hess, and Bridget Kromhout.  They describe their podcast as one that helps listeners achieve understanding, develop good practices, and operate their teams and businesses for maximum DevOps awesomeness.  With dozens of podcasts ranging in topic from, ‘What is DevOps, to ‘ITIL Eye for the DevOps Folks’, there are a lot of great lessons to learn from these front-line experts.

DevOps Guys

The DevOps Guys, otherwise known as Steve Thair and James Smith, provide a forum based on their over 15  years of experience that aims to facilitate, share, and explore DevOps best practices.  They hope their blog inspires others to share their experiences so the next generation of leaders can get a head start at transforming their IT environments.

Launched in 2014, has quickly established itself as an indispensable resource for DevOps education and community building. They make it their mission to cover all aspects of DevOps—philosophy, tools, business impact, best practices and more.  Their content includes in-depth features, bylined articles, blog posts and breaking news about the topics that resonate with IT readers interested in DevOps.

Do you have any other websites, blogs, subreddits, or podcasts that have helped your organization begin to shift how your IT and Applications are deployed and managed?  If so please share below in the comments.





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