Conjur Accelerates Adoption of Automated Infrastructure with New Software Release


January 27, 2016 | DevOps | joanna mastrocola

Press Release:

Conjur Version 4.6 Delivers Identity, Authorization and Audit Capabilities for Enterprises that Require Compliance and Security While Enabling Greater Velocity

WALTHAM, Mass.– Jan. 27, 2016 – Conjur, Inc., provider of security orchestration software, has released significant product enhancements to assist highly regulated industries in their transition to the cloud. As enterprises migrate their infrastructure and application development to the cloud, the need for speed and security increases. Conjur Version 4.6 delivers meaningful improvements for its core security platform, including easy multi-region Amazon KMS integration, expiration of secrets and a new policy specification that delivers easier integration with machine-generation and policy workflows. These developments empower highly regulated enterprises to grow and scale their cloud-based, automated infrastructures while maintaining their security and compliance obligations.

“Conjur provides a flexible solution that allows customers to solve their security dilemmas without sacrificing velocity or productivity,” said Mitch Haile, Vice President of Products at Conjur. “Through a centralized authorization service exposed through APIs, Conjur enables enterprises to apply a consistent set of policies for production, staging and test environment access throughout the entire software development cycle. These latest enhancements meet the requirements for the scalable, enterprise-grade secret management solution for organizations in highly regulated industries.”

Conjur Version 4.6 enables enterprises to automate infrastructure securely by providing the following:

  • SSH jump server to control access to cloud infrastructure, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and others
  • Simplify and centrally manage security policies across complex AWS deployments, including multiple AWS accounts, availability zones and hybrid architectures
  • Cloud independent identity for jobs, containers and VMs
  • Enforce consistent policy across large organizations and scale security controls through a delegated administration model
  • Enterprise-grade secrets management eliminates secrets from source code and configuration files
  • Comprehensive audit and reporting integrates with third party systems of record

Conjur supports numerous platforms and tools including Puppet, Docker and Chef. Conjur Version 4.6 supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Ubuntu for the host platform. The user interface includes new management features for secrets, hosts, LDAP integration and policy improvements.

Conjur 4.6 is available immediately by contacting Conjur at


About Conjur
For enterprises that need to protect their infrastructure, Conjur provides proactive security with comprehensive authorization for every cloud, VM, container, service, job and user. Conjur helps companies such as Netflix, Box, and Puppet Labs solve critical operational, compliance, and security challenges that originate in modern automated infrastructure. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Conjur is funded by Avalon Partners and Amplify Partners. Visit and follow @conjurinc on Twitter.


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