Conjur DevOps Security Webinar – October 2014


October 9, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


If you’ve been watching the infosec news, you know that the past few weeks have been remarkable. The largest data breach in US history was revealed (at JPMorgan), ShellShock has reverberated through the industry, and the technologies and security software deployed at many large organizations are failing to keep up.

10_09_14There is no silver bullet. Anyone who says otherwise is simply trying to sell you something.

But, there are new threat surfaces, new infrastructure components that need to be considered in terms of organization security stance, and new best practices for addressing them. This month, we will be holding the first in a series of webinars that address these topics, led by DevOps expert Kevin Gilpin and security industry veteran Kevin O’Brien (formerly of @stake and CloudLock). Topics that will be addressed include:

  • How the DevOps movement represents an opportunity to increase security without impeding innovation
  • The implications of ShellShock (and Heartbleed, and myriad other breaches) for good secrets management, from SSH keys to SSL certs
  • A real-world example of how to architect a secure DevOps system, encompassing both permissions and secrets management

Space is limited, so register early if you are interested in learning more about DevOps, cloud infrastructure, and how information security relates to both!




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