Conjur Technical Overview


August 14, 2014 | DevOps | Kevin O'Brien


Cloud Security and Conjur: Technical Overview

Conjur was designed to provide DevOps and technical organizations with a simple to use, flexible, cloud security and authorization (authz) platform for monitoring, managing, securing, and auditing permissions at scale.

Today, we are releasing a Technical Overview guide that describes:


  • What Conjur is, from both a business and technical perspective
  • How Conjur is most often used by organizations
  • The technical architecture and design for the Conjur platform
  • How to get started using Conjur, whether it’s on bare metal, or with common DevOps tools such as Docker, Chef, SaltStack, Puppet, and Ansible

Ready learn more about the Conjur platform and how it can help to simplify cloud security and compliance, and provide robust authz for your team? Download the guide now!

Learn how Conjur is built and structured, including most common use cases!
Download the Technical Overview Guide!



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