Contest Winner: CyberArk’s 3rd Annual #SysAdminDay Twitter Contest


August 1, 2012 | Uncategorized | John Worrall

by John Worrall

On behalf of the entire CyberArk team, thank you to all of this year’s participants in our 3rd Annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day Twitter Contest. We are proud to publicly announce this year’s winning entry.

Before we divulge the details, we want to once again let our fantastic judging panel (Matt Simmons, Wesley David and Cole Lavallee) know how much we appreciate their time, consideration and efforts!

As you know, this year we asked participants the following question:

“What skills and experience have you gained in the past year that will most help you in the coming one, and why?”

After deliberation, our judges (Matt Simmons, Wesley David and Cole Lavallee) selected the below entrant as this year’s winner!

unpixie: #SysAdminDay @CyberArk attend a USENIX/LOPSA conference for face-to-face community bonding, talk to experts, and learn cool sysadmin stuff.

The judges unanimously felt that this participant crafted a response that expressed a commitment to her SysAdmin career through acquisition of valuable skills and experience. Wesley David remarked that @unpixie deserved the top prize because “the single biggest skill that I learned so far is to network and make friends with people in the industry. There’s a skill to getting to know the right people. Not just anyone, but people who have a positive attitude and also know the sysadmin craft in an unusually brilliant manner.”

So congratulations to @unpixie! We’ll be in touch with information regarding your grand prize.




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