Don’t Shy Away From Data Protection Audits


July 6, 2011 | Uncategorized | CyberArk

by Mark Fullbrook

The UK Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, today said that businesses should be more willing to undergo data protection audits. This follows the publication of the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO’s) annual report, which found that just 19 percent of private sector businesses contacted by the ICO following a data breach accepted the offer to undergo free data protection audits*.

Audits are a critical part of any well-run major business, helping to ensure efficiency, productivity, and, with data protection audits, security and accountability – so it’s odd that so many businesses would decline the offer a free data protection audit.

At Cyber-Ark, we believe in developing solutions that not only deliver security, but also help organisations meet audits more effectively. For example, with comprehensive logging of all privileged activity – including tracking who logged in, what they did and when they did it – meeting an audit can be made far simpler. Every action is recorded and accountability is assured.

* ICO News Release




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