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May 21, 2015 | DevOps | Josh Bregman


I almost passed on Netegrity.

I called them and said I wasn’t coming.   When you’re 25 and it’s the beginning of the dot com boom, there is a never ending sea of “opportunities”.   I had accepted the Netegrity offer but another one came in that seemed better.  My dad, who is a very smart guy, said “Josh, you gave them your word.”  He probably didn’t know that Netegrity would go on to define and lead (for a while)  what became the multi-billion dollar Identity and Access Management market.

Good thing he’s from the Mid West, because his homespun advice rang true and I decided to join Netegrity as a Senior Engineer in 1999.   I’ve worked in and around the space for the last 15 years – a very nice ride indeed.

Conjur is the next Netegrity.

The parallels are striking.  In 1999 there was a huge shift that was changing the way that companies built applications: the Internet.  In 2015, there is a huge shift in the way that companies build applications: DevOps.  In the early days of Netegrity, people were saying things like “I can build it myself, I have Apache”.  Today, in my early days at Conjur, people are saying things like “I can build it myself, I have Consul”.  Netegrity landed some key early deals like GE and Daimler and the thing took off like a rocket ship.  Conjur already has Netflix and Novartis.  The rocket ship is fueling up and I wanted to get on for another ride.

Conjur is DevOps Security….done.

Conjur offers a solution to a very real problem.  Companies across all verticals – even those that are historically technology laggards like retail and insurance- are going to great lengths to bring DevOps to their organizations.  This is more than just a fad – it is a fundamental shift in the way in which companies build applications. The existing security tools and vendors can’t be accepted by DevOps and the DIY and open-source projects can’t be endorsed by information security.  There is a hole in the market, and Conjur is filling it.

At the end of the day,  the most striking thing about Netegrity and my experience there was just how many really smart people worked there and how, 15 years later, the ex-Netegrity folks still have had an impact on the industry.  It’s my belief that this will be the biggest parallel of them all – that Conjur will be the epicenter of DevOps security and I will have been very lucky to have been there from the beginning.     Thanks Kevin and Elizabeth for the opportunity.

Please contact me at [email protected] or @kingoauth if you’d like a seat on the rocketship next to us!

Josh has 20 years of experience successfully architecting, evangelizing, and delivering innovative identity management and security products to customers. Before joining Conjur, Josh spent  a decade as a solutions and pre-sales leader in the Oracle ecosystem.  In his early career josh worked as a software engineer at IBM, GTE Labs, and Netegrity.  He has two U.S. patents and received a B.A. in Math from the University of Rochester in 1995.




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