Short Video: Learn how CyberArk Secures and Manages Privileged Credentials Used by COTS Applications


December 22, 2015 | Videos | Amy Burnis

For more than a decade, Evan Litwak, CyberArk’s principal sales engineer, has worked with many companies to architect and successfully deploy privileged account security measures. For several years, he also worked directly for a large enterprise company and there, he was responsible for the global expansion of privileged identity management.

Given his depth of knowledge and expertise, I asked him to provide a brief overview of how CyberArk technology enables organizations to securely manage hard coded and embedded credentials in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and other applications. Our colleague, CyberArk EVP Adam Bosnian, recently wrote about the range of applications in an enterprise that require access to privileged credentials to perform tasks such as vulnerability management or discovery. With CyberArk Application Identity Manager seamlessly integrated with COTS applications, organizations can reduce the risk of unauthorized application credential usage and simplify credential management, while maintaining the performance requirements of mission-critical applications.

Key Functionality of CyberArk’s Application Identity Manager:

  • Eliminates privileged credentials used by COTS Applications. The credentials are instead centrally stored in the CyberArk Secure Digital Vault™ and retrieved when needed, using an SDK embedded in the application code.
  • Offers automatic or on-demand rotation of privileged credentials used by COTS applications without any downtime to the applications or the need for a maintenance window
  • Maintains operational continuity and high availability because credentials are stored in  the Credential Provider’s secure local cache to ensure fast retrieval and availability, independent of network availability or performance.

In a three minute video, Evan explains how CyberArk’s Application Identity Manager enables companies to safely turn around credentials on demand.

Watch the video:




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