Analyst Report Names CyberArk the Overall Privilege Management Leader

January 8, 2016 John Worrall

For the second year in a row, analyst firm KuppingerCole has named CyberArk the “Overall Leader” in its Leadership Compass: Privilege Management 2015 report. This report helps organizations to make intelligent vendor choices as they proactively protect their businesses by securing privileged accounts from malicious attacks.

In the newly released report, KuppingerCole analysts Martin Kuppinger and Amar Singh explore the role of privileged account security in mitigating the risk of devastating cyber attacks, as well as managing emerging threats associated with enterprise mobile and cloud adoption. According to the report, “even the most sophisticated attacker would find it almost impossible to succeed without having access to privileged credentials.” Market awareness of this point is growing not only through our continued market education, but also via analyst reports that advocate for privileged account security to be on the top of the enterprise security priority list.

According to the report, privilege management “requires a robust policy and process framework but also technology that can support the policy requirements.” As such, truly mature Privilege Management solutions “go much further than simple password generation and access control to individual systems, but also provide a unified, robust and – importantly – transparent Privilege Management platform which is integrated into an organization’s overall Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy.”

To identify the frontrunners in this market, the report analyzed 12 vendors across four key evaluation categories: Overall, Product, Market and Innovation. Based on in-depth analysis and a combined rating of product strength, market presence and innovation, CyberArk surpassed all other vendors and was named the Leader across each evaluation category. Dubbed the “Gold Standard” and the “one to beat in Privilege Management,” the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution was also recognized for its robust capabilities for threat analytics and alerts; session management and monitoring; account management; least privilege management; support for AWS and Microsoft Azure management consoles and large partner ecosystem.

We encourage you to read the full report, but here’s a quick sound bite from KuppingerCole founder and principal analyst Martin Kuppinger:

“In the increasingly complex cyber threat landscape, privileged account security has become a business imperative. With proven, innovative products and firm understanding of how to address customers’ most critical IT security challenges, we named CyberArk the Overall Leader in Privilege Management for the second year in a row. CyberArk should be included in every vendor evaluation and product selection process for Privilege Management.”

For an overview of the privilege management market, please download a complimentary copy of the full KuppingerCole report here.

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