Announcing the 2019 CyberArk Marketplace Community Integration Award Winner for Greatest Cybersecurity Impact

July 18, 2019 Adam Bosnian

With more than 10,000 visitors per month, the CyberArk Marketplace is the premier destination for privileged access management-related technology integrations for organizations around the globe.

Last month, we introduced community contributions to the CyberArk Marketplace, enabling CyberArk partners and customers to submit and upload their own integrations with the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution. With the launch of this new feature came an open challenge: Submit an integration that makes a big impact and helps advance the community’s collective fight against cyber attackers.

Today on the main stage at CyberArk Impact Americas in Chicago, we were thrilled to announce our 2019 CyberArk Marketplace Impact Award winner: Integrity360, one of Ireland’s leading cybersecurity consultancies and a true MVP in the team game that is cybersecurity.

The Integrity360 privileged access team, led by security consultant Pranav Chugh, answered the call and surpassed our highest expectations by submitting not just one… but four innovative integrations for high-value systems! Available for download on the CyberArk Marketplace, these integrations include:

Brand new on the CyberArk Marketplace, the Integrity360 community integrations have already been downloaded many times! To honor their work and contributions, the Integrity360 team received the CyberArk Marketplace Impact award at CyberArk Impact in Chicago – the world’s largest gathering of privileged access management professionals. At CyberArk, we want to celebrate the willingness of Integrity360 and other members of our community to collaborate and share for all of our benefit.

The caliber of integrations submitted in this first month alone has been phenomenal and we’re so excited to see what valuable contributions the cybersecurity community has in store. If you haven’t submitted one yet, we encourage you to explore the CyberArk Marketplace and submit your integrations. Remember – when you contribute to the CyberArk Marketplace, everyone benefits from the ability to collaborate, exchange information and solve cybersecurity challenges faster and smarter together!

A huge thank you to all of the CyberArk Marketplace community integration contributors thus far, and congratulations to Integrity360 – the 2019 CyberArk Marketplace Impact Award winner!

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