Celebrating 20 Years: RSA Conference Keeps on Rollin’

February 14, 2011 CyberArk

by Josh Arrington

Leading up to the RSA Conference, we in the security industry tend to be acutely aware of new threats and breaches. This year is no different, with emerging stories associated with cyber threats like Night Dragon and speculation swirling about the motivation behind the Nasdaq hack. And, you don’t need another headline to remind you that cloud security is top-of-mind for a majority of RSA attendees.

Cyber-Ark believes that as these cyber threats become more targeted and sophisticated, organizations’ fears about loss of control and lack of security are amplified, particularly in the data center. This is further reinforced with the increasing dependency on virtual environments, whether on premise or with Cloud Service Providers, where the magnitude of risk increases dramatically by a single privileged access.

This year at RSA (booth #2045), Cyber-Ark is launching a solution that offers continuous protection against internal and advanced external threats in the data center. That solution is our new Privileged Session Management Suite. This comprehensive Suite improves compliance and risk management with the ability to isolate, control and record privileged access to databases, virtual environments and servers using a common platform for reduced total cost of ownership. Users can view session recordings or monitor sensitive events across the entire data center using one web interface or dashboard view, and generate a unified report for audit and compliance purposes. This Suite is another important step in proactively enhancing an organization’s security posture, particularly as privileged accounts are commonly the target of attack due to the system-wide access they enable. Organizations must isolate and protect their sensitive servers, databases and hypervisors and be able to control and record ‘who’ and ‘what’ are accessing these business-critical systems.

Please join us at RSA, and roll by our booth where our big “Wheel of Privilege” will be turning. Try your hand for a chance to win an iPad, and, in the words of the iconic Tina Turner, don’t spend another minute worryin’ about the way things might have been. Talk with Cyber-Ark to learn more about steps your organization can take to proactively protect against security threats targeting your most sensitive data, applications and systems.

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