CyberArk Provides Free Subscription to Alero

March 18, 2020 Gil Rapaport

As organizations move quickly to do their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 people are working remotely more than ever before.  At CyberArk we have taken action to protect the health and safety of our global community of customers, partners and employees – including having our employees across the globe work from home.

It’s not always easy for organizations to move to full remote work, especially having to balance productivity and security. Sudden, unexpected changes in the amount of work being done from home affects the workflows of remote users – especially those requiring privileged access – and most of the time, organizations don’t have the ability to properly scale. Additionally, attackers are working to capitalize on people’s fears and desire for information, which underscores the need to safeguard critical systems and assets.

Utilizing technology to overcome these challenges can help make these trying times a bit easier. Whether that’s making greater use of video chat and conference calling or allowing secure access to internal systems from anywhere, technology is helping business to continue with as little disruption as possible.

Recently we launched a new use case for CyberArk Alero to address the needs of all remote users (employees and vendors) by providing secure remote access to critical systems managed by CyberArk.

Starting today, we’ll be offering qualified customers the use of CyberArk Alero at no cost through the end of May in hopes that it will help ease some of the burden associated with the changing work environment.  There are many ways that we, as individuals and as a company, are working to help our communities during this trying time.  As business continuity plans are being tested, we hope to help organizations keep business running securely while putting the health and safety of all of us first.

For more information or question – please get in touch with us here.

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