Version 10.9 Extends Security to Privileged Business Users

May 23, 2019 Andrew Silberman

We recently announced version 10.9 of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution. This release is the first enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution to add functionality to extend security and credential protection for privileged business users, as well as delivering greater flexibility to reduce privilege-related risk across the enterprise.

It’s well known that social engineering and phishing attacks are the most common form of cyberattack and that business leaders are often targeted by malicious attackers because they frequently have advanced access and are not directly in the purview of IT and security teams. While business leaders don’t typically have access to IT infrastructure and assets that would fall under the purview of IT and security administrators, they do require access to data, especially sensitive data, that are highly sought after. A few examples to consider:

  • A VP of Sales has access to sales pipeline figures, bookings, customer information and a whole lot more through their Customer Relationship Management tools. Sales and marketing teams rely on this information to inform their boards, partners and analysts.
  • An HR Administrator has access to employee information like performance reviews, time off requests and health care information — all of which is confidential. This data is typically stored in an HR specific business application like SuccessFactors, Zenefits or Namely.
  • A company’s CFO has the right to view information like W2s, company bookings and revenue projections, all information that can sway stock prices, cause employee tension and disrupt business.

Typically, these leaders are on-the-move, busy and crunched for time, all of which contributes to increased risk. Business leaders’ passwords are often repeated across platforms and not rotated nearly often enough because the process of creating new passwords for each application and account is too time consuming. They also typically don’t store passwords securely as they should, either because they don’t trust the platforms their organizations use or they aren’t as familiar with operating them as the IT side is. As a result, these passwords can often be found in places like spreadsheets, basic password managers and the ever-dreaded Post-It Note.

Using CyberArk best-of-breed privileged access management infrastructure and security capabilities as a backdrop, the latest version of the CyberArk solution can now securely store, show and copy passwords used by business leaders and other non-IT users accessing business websites and applications.

Protect non-IT users’ access to sensitive information contained on business websites and applications.

This release also introduces Privilege Management and Application Control Inbox workflows, which are now available for MacOS events within the CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager solution. This allows customers to collect, monitor and build policies on every launch and centrally manage permission requests from managed macOS machines.

Version 10.9 is available now. To learn more, click here!

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