With Privileged Insights Emerges Security Intelligence: Preparing for the Unexpected

January 25, 2011 CyberArk

by Udi Mokady

CyberArk Software believes 2011 will be a significant year for the security industry. One marked by transformation – both in terms of increasingly sophisticated threats and encouraging technology innovation. Behind these changes are converging market factors such as the challenges facing organizations that must protect against more targeted, persistent and sophisticated attacks, including those related to Stuxnet and Wikileaks-type incidents; easing economic pressures driving new infrastructure investments, particularly virtualization and cloud computing; and evolving internal audit pressures and compliance requirements, such as PCI. To address these market factors, Cyber-Ark has launched the “Privileged Insights” blog.

With our global reach, Cyber-Ark is in a fortunate position to be able to draw upon our experiences, and those of our partners and customers, to share real-world examples of how unexpected vulnerabilities, such as hard-coded passwords in a video conferencing system, digital copier or storage device, can impact the overall security posture of an organization. No longer are threats limited to insiders and expected targets like databases and servers—we must think about the unexpected. That will be one of the goals of this blog, generating industry dialogue and empowering people with the information they need to proactively manage unexpected threats by elevating awareness about the risks of status quo security, and the need for innovation and new IT skill sets.

Cyber-Ark closed 2010 with 800 customers in more than 50 countries and strong revenues that are driving tremendous momentum into the new year, including providing customers with proactive security solutions for increasingly distributed architectures. In speaking with our customers, we understand that, particularly at the C-Level, there remains hesitation about cloud adoption due to multiple factors including security uncertainties and the sense of a “loss of control.” Cyber-Ark recently produced a fun, informative video [included in this post] aimed at describing how Cyber-Ark can help address key security issues in a cloud environment, whether you are a cloud service customer or a cloud service provider.

Even with the growing complexity and fragmentation of the IT security space, we are optimistic about the year to come. Cyber-Ark is extremely well-positioned in the privileged Account Activity Management space, one of the fastest growing segments within the identity and access management market. And with innovative offerings for governed file transfer, we continue to empower multi- national organizations to initiate new business models and address their most daunting security challenges related to how information is accessed, shared, monitored and managed. We look forward to sharing our stories and participating in thought-provoking discussions about the expanding threat landscape. And – stay tuned for more announcements coming from Cyber-Ark this year.

How do you see enterprise cloud adoption and security in the cloud evolving this year?

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