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Privileged Access Management as a Service: Why You Need it Now More Than Ever

August 5, 2020

New to Privileged Access Management (PAM)? If so, you may want to hit the “skip” button on all the catchphrases, lingo, acronyms, and buzzwords that can make learning cyber security (and specifically PAM) more complicated than it needs to be. Sometimes concepts are best learned in simple terms and basic language. 

You are invited to attend this webinar to jumpstart your understanding of privileged access management, how to run it “as a service”, and many other concepts to help you accelerate your cyber security efforts for your company.
You will also receive a free eBook “Privileged Access Management as a Service for Dummies” after attending the webinar which will help you explore these topics in more depth.

The webinar will cover the following topics in a conversational setting:

  • Defining “Privilege Access Management (PAM)” and “PAM as a Service”
  • Understanding the risks of privileged access
  • How privileged access can be secured via people, process, and technology
  • How to secure privileged access for: 
  • On-premises assets
  • Cloud and dynamic applications
  • How to get started with PAM as a Service
  • Six action items you should investigate right now (things you can immediately take away from the webinar)
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