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How Healthcare Can Stay Ahead of Ransomware

June 29, 2021

Hospitals and private care institutions use a multitude of complex endpoints ranging from medical computers and equipment to BYOD mobile devices. These endpoints are at high risk for becoming compromised and letting in cybercriminals who can wreak havoc on the IT infrastructure while stealing valuable electronic personal health information (ePHI). Ransomware attacks on these healthcare organizations can turn into a devastating event. 

In 2020, ransomware attacks on the healthcare industry reached nearly $21 billion alone. Cybercriminals are becoming more aggressive and view the healthcare sector as an easy target as they hit multiple endpoints. Hospitals must invest considerable amounts in budget and resources to protect their systems, but it's not an easy task as they face the complexity of endpoint systems, internal politics and regulatory pressures.

This eBook will examine how healthcare organizations can adopt technologies to protect themselves from the onslaught of ransomware attacks. It requires organizations to adopt the principle of least privilege incorporated with identity controls and endpoint detection and response methods to work together and implement a strong defense-in-depth strategy.

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