CyberArk Identity 23.7 Release

July 11, 2023 Sonal Pokale

CyberArk Identity 23.7 Release

With the 23.7 release, CyberArk Identity supports the following new features:

CyberArk Identity

Selection of Preferred Personal Pronouns

In support of the LGBTQ+ community and to promote greater inclusivity in our identity security solutions, CyberArk Identity now enables users to select their preferred personal pronouns. Organizations can enable this new feature and allow CyberArk Identity Cloud Directory users to specify their preferred gender pronouns in their User Portals. 

Preferred Personal Pronouns

 Allow end users to define their preferred pronouns in the User Portal. 

Learn more about end user pronoun selection.

CyberArk Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Read-only Admin Rights to Run Compliance Reports

You can now allow users to run MFA compliance reports without granting high-privilege administrative rights. Previously, running MFA compliance reports required specific, high-privilege rights that enabled viewing end user data, updating user information, or creating new reports. Now, admins can allow specific users to view and run compliance reports without granting unnecessary privileges. By eliminating excessive admin rights, you can reduce the risk of data exposure and align with the principle of least privilege.

MFA compliance reports.

Grant read-only admin rights to run MFA compliance reports. 

Learn more about read-only admin rights to run compliance reports.

CyberArk Workforce Password Management (WPM)

Create Custom Folders

End users can now create custom folders to better organize business applications and secured items that they frequently use. Users can simply create a new folder and drag and drop the applications and secret items they want to add. Previously, you could organize your apps using tags and filters. Now, you can also create folders to better manage your favorite or frequently accessed apps and secrets.

Workforce Password Management

Create custom folders to organize your applications and secured items. 

Learn more about custom folders.

For more information on the 23.7 release, please see the CyberArk Identity release notes.  

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