CyberArk Privilege Cloud 13.2 Release

July 25, 2023 Lilach Faerman Koren

CyberArk Privilege Cloud 13.2 Release

CyberArk Privilege Cloud v13.2 introduces new functionality that helps satisfy audit and compliance and improved efficiencies with enhancements to the solution, which is part of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform.

Improvements include:

  • Privileged Session Manager (PSM) enhancements
  • Extended integration across the CyberArk Identity Security Platform 
  • Custom plugin development improvement 

Customers using CyberArk Privilege Cloud v13.2 on the CyberArk Identity Security Platform will also receive the new Bring Your Own Key functionality and improvements to the user experience of the Central Policy Manager (CPM) via the Connector Management Service.

Release highlights include:

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

With BYOK functionality, CyberArk Privilege Cloud customers on the CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services can host, manage and revoke the encryption keys for secrets and recordings in CyberArk Privilege Cloud by using APIs, enabling complete control of the access to that data. This is an essential capability for customers in heavily regulated industries such as finance. BYOK allows customers to revoke CyberArk's access to the encryption key at any time, which disables our ability to decrypt the stored data until the customer renews the access to the key. 

Learn more about Bring Your Own Key.

Central Policy Manager (CPM) Upgrade via Connector Management

Introducing a new process CPM upgrade via the Connector Management service that provides a simplified, self-serviced upgrade process that:

  • Indicates when a new version is available.
  • Initiates upgrades directly from the CyberArk web portal without manually accessing the CPM server.
  • Indicates the success or failure of the upgrade process.

Learn more about new CPM upgrade process.

Connector Management – Automatic CPM Prerequisite Checks

Customers can now perform CPM prerequisite checks automatically via the Connector Management service for improved operational efficiency when installing or upgrading CPM components. Previously, admins had to download and run a script to perform the checks.

CyberArk Privileged Session Manager (PSM) Enhancements

  • Simpler CyberArk PSM upgrade with automatic AppLocker configuration merger
    With this release, customers get an automatic merger of changes in their PSMConfigureAppLocker.xml file during the upgrade of CyberArk PSM. This simplifies processes and allows customers to keep their configurations and approved applications.
  •  Simultaneous CyberArk PSM audit of keystrokes, window titles and SQL commands
    Monitored sessions that run through the solution now allow simultaneous monitoring of keystrokes, window titles, and SQL commands (where applicable). Previously, administrators had to pick a single attribute to audit in these sessions. These expanded capabilities help organizations provide richer, more detailed reports to satisfy audit and compliance requirements. 
    • Over 160 customers voted for this enhancement request.

CyberArk PSM audit of keystrokes

  • CyberArk PSM installation now supports Windows Server 2022.
  • CyberArk PSM for SSH now supports deployment on an updated service pack of SUSE 15 SP4 operation system. 

Extended Integration Across the CyberArk Identity Security Platform

CyberArk Privilege Cloud v13.2 offers extended capabilities for securely managing the credentials of CyberArk Conjur users (humans) and hosts (applications). 

Learn more about Conjur Enterprise Password plugin.

Learn more about Conjur Enterprise Keys plugin.

Custom Plugin Development Improvement 

CyberArk Privilege Cloud v13.2 improves our web application connection component and CPM plugin frameworks. This provides a simpler way to create new PSM and CPM plugins for custom systems. Customers can also now incorporate custom conditional logic, based on the context of access to their target systems. 

For more information, visit the latest frameworks in the Marketplace: 

Web Application Connection Components (session management)

CPM Plugin Frameworks (credential management) 

To learn more about all the new features, please visit:

Release notes and documentation
Upgrade Process for Privilege Cloud Connector
Component downloads are available in the CyberArk Marketplace

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