CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services – Introducing Connector Management

February 17, 2023 Lilach Faerman Koren

Introducing Connector Management

CyberArk administrators can now easily set up and monitor all their CyberArk components under a unified UI with a new addition to the CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services: Connector Management.

As an enhancement to a comprehensive Identity Security program, Connector Management is a complimentary, SaaS-based service that amplifies the value of Cyberark Privilege Cloud and helps deliver measurable cyber-risk reduction.


Centralized Management of Components and Communication Tunnels

The new service enables operational efficiencies by enhancing self-service capabilities and allowing a centralized view and control of CyberArk components, such as CyberArk Privileged Session Manager (PSM) and CyberArk Central Policy Manager (CPM). The key benefits of the Connector Management service include the following:

  • PAM administrators can now more easily identify the components supporting their PAM program. They can also view the health status of these components.
  • Component management becomes more flexible for administrators, who can now manage the components’ lifecycle automatically by using an API or manually in a centralized interface.
  • PAM administrators can now centrally collect and aggregate failed install logs for improved troubleshooting.


Expanded Support for Central Policy Manager Installation on Windows 2022

Users can now install CPM components on Windows 2022 through the newly introduced Connector Management service.

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