CyberArk Remote Access February 2023 Updates

February 17, 2023 Lilach Faerman Koren

In a significant effort to improve operational efficiencies and overall user experience, CyberArk Remote Access now features the following new capabilities:

  • File transfer in remote sessions in Privilege Cloud.
  • Show Password in online mode while using the CyberArk mobile app.
  • Support for remote access and HTML5GW deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux v8 infrastructure.


File Transfer in Remote Sessions in Privilege Cloud

With this latest Remote Access release, Privilege Cloud remote company users and external vendors can now transfer files, such as installation and log files, from a workstation to a target server and back. This file transfer capability for our PAM as a Service customers enables operational efficiencies for company users and external users by allowing them to perform this task within CyberArk Remote Access.

Learn more about Privilege Cloud.



Show Password in Online Mode of the CyberArk Mobile App

Users working in IT or air-gapped environments (such as manufacturing OT environments) often need to access their accounts’ secured passwords to perform routine tasks – and not just during downtime scenarios. The newly introduced Show Password feature aligns with the Show Password capability on the CyberArk web portal, making it accessible through the CyberArk mobile application. Together with the other capabilities of the CyberArk mobile app, the Show Password feature helps our customers enable operational efficiencies and improve security.


Support for Remote Access and HTML5 Gateway Deployments on RedHat Enterprise Linux Version 8

The Remote Access connector and HTML5 Gateway now support RHEL version 8 for our Privileged Access Manager Self-Hosted customers. This enables our customers to securely continue to perform their tasks in a more advanced and stable environment while using integrations from our technology partners.

Learn more about the new Remote Access features.

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