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Building a Business Case for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management

March 21, 2024

The cloud offers significant opportunity for modern businesses — speed, agility and scalability being just a few. But it also comes with challenges when it comes to security, and sometimes those challenges can’t be solved with homegrown solutions or built-in security features from cloud service providers. The most notable are the exploding number of cloud permissions and the ease of privilege escalation in cloud environments. Addressing these challenges is especially complex in hybrid and multi-cloud environments at enterprise scale. 

While you may be very familiar with these security challenges, you may have to take a step back to sell your leadership on why they should invest in cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM)

Show your executives the value of a security solution whenever possible. With the complimentary assessment of CyberArk™ Cloud Entitlements Manager , you can find and remediate risky permissions in under an hour and take those findings back to your leadership.

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