CyberArk Success Plans Solution Brief

January 23, 2021

CyberArk is committed to accelerate and optimize the adoption of its solutions. All which helps modern businesses future-proof cybersecurity programs and be protected against advanced cyber threats. 

The CyberArk Success Plans provide the core resources needed to execute a successful Identity Security program: 

  • Work with leading experts to unlock outcome-based strategies
  • Grant CyberArk admins and/or other key users access to unlimited self-paced training as well as credits for live training and exam vouchers
  • Exchange success points for predefined outcomes to advance your identity security program
  • Combine your Success Plan with CyberArk Premium Technical Support for the ultimate experience
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CyberArk Success Plans
CyberArk Success Plans

It takes more than technology to succeed and the CyberArk Success Plans provide you all the resources, guid...

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