The Time is Now: CyberArk Acquires Idaptive

May 13, 2020 Marianne Budnik

Today we announced the acquisition of Idaptive, a leading Santa Clara, California-based Identity as a Service (IDaaS) company. Bringing together the technology and expertise of CyberArk and Idaptive we are setting out to deliver on SaaS innovation with the industry’s only modern identity platform with a security-first approach. This is an exciting day for our team, so I sat down with CyberArk Chairman and CEO Udi Mokady to get his thoughts on the news.

Tell us a bit more about Idaptive. 

Idaptive has a great team who is passionate about delivering innovative solutions to better protect their customers. Idaptive’s portfolio – which includes Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and identity lifecycle management — starts with a Zero Trust model and utilizes powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to secure access to applications and endpoints through user verification, device validation and intelligently limiting access. The company has been recognized as a leader by the most prominent industry analyst firms and its solutions are trusted by approximately 500 well-known organizations across industries.

Why is this acquisition particularly meaningful now? 

We believe that a traditional approach to managing identities and access is often not enough to prevent unauthorized activity. Users of all types – whether that be human, application or machine identities — are often provisioned with some form of privileged access. If not properly secured, these accounts create pathways for threat actors to execute increasingly targeted attacks and ultimately compromise an organization’s most critical systems and assets.

The time is now. This new reality requires a new kind of Identity Security platform – and together with Idaptive, we are answering that call. 

How do you see Idaptive strengthening the CyberArk portfolio?

Together, CyberArk and Idaptive will offer customers a SaaS-delivered, AI-based, security-first approach to managing identities and reducing risk. This approach is differentiated by putting Privileged Access Management at its core, is adaptive, context-aware and architected with the principles of Zero Trust and least privilege.

This will extend our ability to manage and protect identities with various levels of privileges across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling customers to improve their overall security posture, simplify operations, support business agility and address ever increasing and complex regulatory requirements.

What makes you most excited about Idaptive?

Of course, I am excited about how Idaptive is going to help us drive additional value for our customers and partners, but beyond that, Idaptive also brings with it an amazing and passionate team.  I am eager to bring their energy and commitment to define the future of Identity Security.

From day one, we’ve been committed to helping our customers improve their overall security posture and supporting the ability for our partners to grow and expand their business.  Merging the innovative technology and talents of the Idaptive team with that of CyberArk represents an exciting opportunity to deliver a differentiated, modern approach as we work to continually meet the ever-changing needs of the dynamic threat landscape.

For more information on the acquisition of Idaptive, please check out our website which includes today’s announcement.

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