How to Leverage Defense-in-Depth to Minimize Risk

April 20, 2022

Most companies are not immune to security attacks, even if their controls and processes are as tight as Fort Knox. Some of the world’s most technologically advanced enterprises, from Microsoft to SolarWinds to Okta, have faced security incidents and were exposed to risk. Many of these successful cyberattacks did not start with hackers fighting their way through firewalls and intrusion prevention systems or executing zero-day exploits. Instead, threat actors compromised user credentials, took over legitimate user identities, and gained access to internal systems and resources.

In this reality, identities are becoming the frontline in the effort to protect enterprises from breaches. This webinar will explain why companies that invest in Identity Security and leverage defense-in-depth strategies are better equipped to protect their data, users, and customers, whether using solutions from one vendor or integrating technologies from different Access and PAM vendors. We will discuss how a security-first mindset and multi-layered security controls can make it more difficult for hackers to succeed. At the same time, we’ll demonstrate that strong Identity Security controls do not need to harm operational efficiency and the user experience.

Join us to learn about use cases leveraging CyberArk solutions that illustrate Identity Security and defense-in-depth strategies, including:

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