Detect and respond to the most critical threats

Attackers are typically able to roam around a breached environment for more than a year before being detected. With attackers spending so much time freely and anonymously navigating the IT environment, security teams need to shift their focus inside the network and implement tools that help detect cyber attacks earlier in the lifecycle.

CyberArk solutions help organizations detect and respond to the most critical risks with targeted threat analytics, focused on privileged account activity. Once attackers have access to privileged accounts, they are able to do irreparable damage by modifying system configurations, taking control of financial transactions, stealing confidential data, and disrupting business operations. CyberArk offers a threat detection solution that detects and alerts on anomalous privileged account and user behavior. Using patent-pending algorithms built-in to the solution, highly accurate and immediately actionable intelligence is delivered to security teams, enabling them to respond directly to potential threats.

Key benefits:

  • Dramatically shorten an attacker’s window of opportunity and reduce damage with accurate and prioritized real-time alerting on in-progress attacks
  • Rapidly detect attacks with analysis based on customized algorithms, eliminating the dependence on prior knowledge of attack signatures or sandboxing
  • Adapt threat detection to a changing environment with self-learning algorithms that continuously adjust the baseline behavior profiles as the environment evolves
  • Continuously monitor with zero footprint session recording on target machines for forensic insight into malicious, command-level activity
  • Enable security operations and incident response teams to accelerate remediation with immediate access to detailed information about the attack
  • Enhance effectiveness of SIEM systems by enabling incident response teams to identify anomalous privileged activities and prioritize incidents that involve critical accounts


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