Announcing CyberArk Application Access Manager — Secrets Management for Applications, Tools, Containers and DevOps

March 4, 2019 Chris Smith

We’re excited to announce the availability of CyberArk Application Access Manager, which combines CyberArk Application Identity Manager and Conjur Enterprise into a unified, powerful offering providing secrets management for applications, third party tools, containers and DevOps environments.

Application Access Manager helps organizations control, manage and audit non-human privileged access for a wide range of applications across on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments. Protecting credentials for application and other non-human identities is critical for organizations. Non-human credentials are ubiquitous. Unfortunately, hard-coded credentials are too often embedded in many different types of applications, including commercial off-the-shelf-solutions, internally-developed business critical applications and within the CI/CD tool chain.

These credentials need to be managed because they enable access to protected data and other applications, leverage cloud resources and services and have the ability to scale and execute business processes instantly. This is great when you control the credentials, but can rapidly become a massive problem when an attacker has them. Fortunately, the same security principles that work to protect human credentials should apply to non-human credentials, though – due to higher performance and scale requirements and the special technologies required to strongly authenticate applications or code and other factors – protecting non-human credentials requires its own solution. Least privilege, role-based access controls, credential rotation, management and audit can all be applied to non-human credentials.

Part of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution, Application Access Manager provides privileged access and credential and secrets management for a wide variety of application types, including:

  • Commercial off-the-shelf solutions: Provides and manages credentials for third-party tools and solutions including security and IT operation tools, RPA (Robot Process Automation) and other automation, as well as configuration management and orchestration tools.
  • Internally-developed traditional applications: Protects business-system data and simplifies operations by eliminating hard-coded credentials from applications and scripts developed internally by the organization.
  • Cloud-native applications built using DevOps methodologies: Meets the dynamic needs of DevOps and cloud-native environments to manage secrets and credentials used by non-human entities – including CI/CD toolchains, containerized applications and PaaS environments.

Application Access Manager includes all the functionality that was previously available in Application Identity Manager and the enterprise version of Conjur. This powerful functionality helps organizations:

  • Control and manage privileged access for non-humans identities: Secure applications and other non-human identities across on-premises, hybrid, containerized and multi-cloud environments.
  • Establish strong authentication: Leverages the native attributes of applications, containers and other non-human identities to eliminate “secret zero bootstrapping.”
  • Simplify integrations: Supports integrations with a variety of commercial software platforms, applications and tools – including business applications, security tools, RPA platforms, CI/CD toolsets and container platforms.
  • Accelerate deployment and usage: Allows developers to focus their attention on developing software by making securing application secrets simple and easy. Additionally, the open source version on makes it easy for developers to start securing their CI/CD pipeline and applications in development.

The solution meets other critical enterprise requirements, including ensuring a comprehensive tamper-resistant audit and consistently applied access policies, as well as meeting scalability and availability requirements. For additional details refer to the new Application Access Manager Data Sheet.

The new Application Access Manager is designed to make the purchasing and deployment process easier for customers. It makes licensing simpler by making it easier for customers to select the licensing option that is best for them. For example, it enables customers on their digital transformation journey to flexibly allocate licenses between on-premises environments and dynamic containerized deployments in the cloud.

This flexibility is already proving popular with customers as they make their digital journey, confident that they can count on CyberArk to help them consistently manage credentials for human users, applications and other non-human identifies – to help reduce the attack surfaces and stay safe.

Interested in learning more? Visit the new Application Access Manager Product page and DevOps Solution page on, download the new Application Access Manager datasheet. Conjur Open Source will continue to offer a feature-rich solution for developers and is available at

Stop by and see us at RSA Conference booth #6253 North!

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